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Law Series

All of the signs that were photographed are in some ways regulatory and the texts were subsequently altered by its framing.

When I was an undergraduate taking art photography classes, I was very interested in exhibitionism and the performance that one enacts when on camera. I wanted to look at the construction of intimacy and create a clash between intimacy and regulation. Regulation forms the parameters of intimacy; the placement of regulatory mechanisms is how isolation is formed. These mechanisms are shown in the form of outdoor NO signs that interiorizes and alienates expression.

The four scenes in the photo collages evolve a story through searching for correlations and patterns in scattered and ephemeral environments. On the top are heavily regulated landscapes estranged by California housing associations and gated communities in Laguna Niguel. Since I’m originally from Laguna Niguel, which is the town that borders Laguna Beach in Orange County, I noticed when visiting my parents how many NO signs there are. I found there was at least one NO sign every 15 feet around Niguel Summit which is the housing association where my parents live. What I decided to do was photograph all of these NO signs within a one mile perimeter from my parents’ home. It’s kind of absurd in a way to have a No Parking sign followed by a No Trespassing sign followed by a No Parking sign. It’s something you wouldn’t see in San Francisco nor anywhere else really. I think what it has to do with is Laguna Niguel not being a town but being a collection of privately-owned housing associations with McMansions that look alike near shopping centers with the same stores. So I want to explore how identities form and have become alienated in these restricted and regulated communities. Intimacy reflects the bottom images, images that are taken on different beds and looking outside from a window.

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