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Hardcore / Metal Photo Story: Strength Through Song

Strength Through Song, Vegan Straight Edge Hardcore & Metal Photo Story

Strength Through Song is a 2006 photo documentary of straight edge and vegan band members of hardcore and metal bands Grey Skull and Owen Hart touring the San Francisco Bay Area in the city of Oakland.


View original 2006 SoundSlides documentary, here:

Back Story…

I graduated with a Journalism degree in 2006 and found my interest in collage through writing news articles since they’re mostly collages of quotes and information. Doing a major that had a relatively oppressive view on writing, I decided to pursue digital media and work on photo-documentaries with¬†audio clips and photography to complement the¬†writing instead.

I created multimedia documentaries with a large Marantz digital audio recorder, which was considered state of the art at the time, and a Canon Rebel SLR digital camera. This was one of the earlier works that I am particularly proud of was one that won no “best of the week” awards or accolade. It was ephemeral, not journalistic, nor did it have a story arc but it was one I was the most proud of. This was Strength Through Song.

Touring Hardcore and Metal Bands…

Strength Through Song is a three minute documentary or audio slideshow which showcases two touring anarcho-punk and hardcore bands, Greyskull and Owen Hart. The two bands, at the time when this was photographed and recorded in late 2005, were composed vegan and straight edge anarcho-punks from Washington.

The bands, which toured an Oakland home that hosted clusters of political bands from around the country on a makeshift stage inside a murky basement. Greyskull and Owen Hart are two touring metallic hardcore bands composed primarily of younger generation musicians who are spreading their personal yet powerful lyrics.

The radical lyrics from both bands are confrontational; the bands discuss animal rights, class, racism and sexuality but stimulate these general topics in punk by tying in their own personal experiences and struggles.