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Humans: My Life of Documentary Photography

This is a documentary photography series of humans, myself and others, that are part of a compilation of photographs I’ve taken that spans two decades. I owned a Canon Rebel Film, then a Canon Rebel Digital, then a Canon 7D.

Friends & Strangers

Christian as Elsa, 2015 Dolores Park Swings, 2004 Moon, 2005 Tree, 2005
Ayme Callahan, 2003 Jeffree Star, 2004 Brian Manford, 2010 Your Name Here, 2009
Frank Manley, 2004 Perseus Rhodes, 2012 Ariel Rosenstein, 2005 Blackout, 2004
Mrs. Alex Hall, 2012 Helen Marnie of Ladytron, 2006 Chris Rouse, Seven Generations, 2006 The Voyeur, 2004
Atomic Bomb, 2005 The On-Campus Party, 2008 Girard & Wife, 2005 Hat Lady, Puerto Rico, 2004


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